eger tiitus

Nature Prevails
Experimental short film, 2021

An experimental short film reflecting on the intersection between mankind and the ongoing climate emergency.

I wrote, produced, shot and edited the film during the plight of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film makes use of a variety of urban backdrops and projected imagery to generate a progressive storyline showcasing how dependent the manmade world is on nature’s wellbeing.

The synopsis:
Climate emergency is the topic of our era. Yet, many feel untouchable in the safety of their urban lives. And of those who do care, many are concerned with the effects on nature alone. What about the effects on ourselves?

Urban Nature is an experimental film using the urban environment as a canvas to tell its story through video projections. Notice the links between the events happening in nature and the state of the manmade objects being projected onto. When all seems lost and barren, sooner or later, mother nature will make a return, with or without us. It always has.

In this climate emergency, don’t pity the nature, pity us.

Format: 5k, 4:3 aspect ratio
Country: Sweden
Duration: 5 minutes
Director, writer, editor, photographer: Eger Tiitus
Composer: Darío Cervera Jordà

© 2023
︎ malmö, sweden